What one item could keep you from leasing your rental property in Arizona?  You may not know a very important requirement that could keep you from being able to lease your rental!  Arizona adopted a Rental Property Registration in 2004. (Most of our property management clients have cooperated and provided this mandatory registration. However, once in a while a client gets busy and forgets to send this form either to our office or the County Assessor. )

The statues require ALL property owners of rentals to be registered. If you are a out of state investor, you must also identify your "AGENT" in Arizona that is authorized to accept or receive any type of legal notice that would have to do with the rental property.

"Residential rental property shall not be occupied if the information required by this section is not on file with the county assessor."

Furthermore: "If the owner has not filed the information required with the county and the residential rental property is occupied by a tenant and the tenant chooses to terminate the tenancy, the tenant shall deliver to the landlord, owner or managing agent of the property a written ten day notice to comply with this section... "

If the homeowner still does not comply, then that tenant may terminate the lease, demand and receive all applicable deposits and prepaid rent. In other cases, an eviction may be cancelled or delayed for lack of registration and named Agent for out of state investors. 

How do I check if my property is legally registered as a rental in Arizona?

Visit the Maricopa County Assessor website. Search for a property by name, parcel number, street name or subdivision. Once you've selected the specific parcel in question, look in the upper right of the parcel detail results. If the Parcel Type is "Residential/Rental" then it is correctly registered as a rental.


If you have not identified an "Agent" in Arizona, please consider Advantage Arizona Real Estate & Property Management for your property management and compliance requirements.  

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