Many different factors.  It pays to look around before you leap! We recently ran across a study that puts little known community influences into an easy to read formula.  What outside influences can bring property values down?  The answers may surprise you.  This survey concluded there are nine influences that have the potential to bring a property down in value.  Quick Facts You Need to Know Now!

1. Bad school reputation  (-22..2% less than the community where good schools are located)

2. Strip club - 14.7% less is not more. . .

3. High renter concentrations - 13.8% (Avoid cheap housing)

4. Homeless shelter -12.7%   Shelters are good, but not for next door!

5. Cemetery- 12.3%  Too close for comfort. . .

6. Funeral home - 6.6% (Undertaking =underrating)

7. Power plant - 5.3%   (No scary funnels nearby)

8. Shooting range - 3.37%  (Seriously. . . ear plugs won't cut it)

9. Hospital - 3.2%   (perhaps a hospital if close to #8)

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