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Certifications, Community Service & Team Members

  • Bill and Deborah Simmons value and honor God and His loving relationship toward man by serving Him at Desert Breeze Community Church www.dbcc.com in the Life Home Groups, Fitness, Recreation, and Martial Arts ministries. Bill and Deborah support local charities, animal rescues and international organizations that assist families in need. 
  • Deborah is the Designated Broker for Advantage Arizona Real Estate. Deborah has 30 years of experience in selling, buying and managing homes valleywide.
  • Deborah is a member of the Phoenix Association of Realtors, the National Association of Realtors and the MLS.
  • Bill is the Associate Broker and the Sales Manager with 20 years of hands on real estate experience. Bill holds a Master's Degree in Management from Northern Arizona University
  • Bill also serves as Chairman on the Board of Directors for the Alhambra Credit Union
  • He is a member of the National Association of Realtors and Phoenix Association of Realtors... 
    • Shanna Grossman is a full time Property Manager and Realtor on staff. She has over twelve years of property management and sales experience.
    • Andrea Pearson is our field inspector and organizes the refurbishing of vacant rental properties. Andrea holds a degree from Arizona State University as well as is a Licenced Realtor.  Andrea has been with our company for over ten years and is a very experienced Property Manager.
    • Linda Smith is our account manager. She oversees all aspects of the reporting and distributions of funds for our clients.  We welcomed Linda on board in 2015.
      Dedra Topham is an Associate Realtor working on staff as Property Manager and is a client favorite! Dedra is in charge of small debt collection, delinquent rents and HOA fines. Dedra also manages maintenance and tenant relations.
    • Donna Paprocki is a seasoned veteran Realtor who has an office in the Arrowhead area of Glendale where she works in both management and sales. She is highly credentialed and has been with Advantage Arizona since 1998. 

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Property Management Services
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