Well, now I have seen everything! I have always wished for a closer relationship with Mr. Gates.

Fortunately, Bill has decided to purchase a majority stake in a 25,000 acres swath of desert in Tonopah. Price tag?Around $80 million and some change!  And that makes us practically neighbors. Ok, it's a few miles from Bill and Deb Simmons, but what's a little drive when you want to borrow some sugar. . . We are looking forward to the planned development of what is being called a "Smart City", roughly the size of Tempe!  Solar energy driven homes and autonomous vehicles are just a few features we expect to see in Mr. Gates exciting version of living in the wild west.  Tonopah and the Belmont (acreage) is located just off of 1-10 approximately 50 miles west of Phoenix.

The acquisition of this land pumps up the volume for everything from land values to commercial presence in what has been a very isolated and sleepy little burg.  Tonopah is best known for it's easy off gas stations and Slurpee's on the way to LA!   It's going to take a while to rev up the development engines, but I predict it will be worth the wait.

What cities and business presence is within striking distance already?  Goodyear and Buckeye!  The West Valley hosts some big hitting employers: Amazon.com, Macy's, United Parcel Service and Wal-Mart Stores, just to name a few.  

So, Bill Gates meets Arizona and we could not be more proud to be a host for the Smart City of the future.

Welcome Mr. Gates - you will love our kick back friendly but progressive Arizona climate!